My first trip to a volcano :)

Okay this is my first time going to a volcano. It was actually pretty fun though but not much of a hike, we mostly drove all the way. When we started off on the hike it was not more of like a up hill it was more straight just with steps. We went to a well and it was only like one fifth of the water and leaves were in there but we took a picture of us by it but we made sure we did not get the inside of the well. Then we started off again and we finally got to the top after two minutes. We saw a HUGE¬†crater and we took a lot of pictures of it so you guys can see it. Then we hiked back down and I was already at the bottom cause I ran and I found lava as a substance but not as a liquid. Then we headed home. ūüėČGetAttachment (20)GetAttachment (23)GetAttachment (21)¬† ¬† ¬† I guess I can not do pictures of the crater cause it will not let me.


Playa Costa del Sol y Tio Uli

Tio means uncle and he is visiting for three weeks. Okay, I know I am just writing about the beach but I think you guys are going to like this one. On Sunday, we left early in the morning started the car. We drove for an hour had a couple stops and we finally got to the beach. We found a good spot but I did not go in the water cause my stomach hurt. So I went to lay down in the hammock. I laid down for a long time till I felt like going in the water. Eventually I just got up and tried to walk cause I felt a little better after drinking some coke. I played with my brother and then it was lunch time. We ate sandwiches and Doritos. For dessert we ate minutas witch is like an Icee or ice with colored syrup. I will put a picture so you can see what they look like. Then we went back in water but before this happened some kid was mooching off of us, he was trying to make people feel comfortable so he can eat our food. He even held our hands I was like what the heck is this kid doing. But he left at the end of the day. Before we left we saw a really cool sunset, took some pictures and got in the car witch was an other long drive home.GetAttachment (19)GetAttachment (17)GetAttachment (16)



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fun day at the beach

Well the day did not star out very fun because it was a two hour drive to El Majahual the beach we went to.Then we I walked into the water and went to a deep end to get some big waves. But one of them spat all of the air in my body out.:( Then we got out and just walked around and found baby jellyfish that washed up on shore, my mom thought it was melted candy. Then we went back in and got back out and ate and read. After an hour we went back out and stayed in for about two hours. Then we got back out and me and my brother saw an awesome sunset and we watched it go down. Then we headed for home. I was so tired that I did not eat but I drank some strong coffee but I was still to tired. Usually, when I drink coffee I have a sugar rush for two days!!! Then we all went to sleep. :):):):)GetAttachment (6)

Mercado or in “English” market

First, the market is very dirty and people yell and try to get you to buy their stuff. One time we were walking past a cloths section and this lady pulled my dad’s arm and told him to buy stuff but she would not let him go. I think she saw us because we are Americans and they think we are rich. Their voices are so nasal and loud. Another time was when my dad walked across the whole mercado when he did not want to. Just to warn you, when you are hungry be careful of what you order to eat or drink. Yesterday we went and there were some watches I liked and once the man who was selling them and looked at my family he hired the price to four dollars and fifty cents!!! T Another reason I do not like it there is because it is hot, it smells bad, and it is dangerous there because of drunks and gang bangers. But we are all together and we are all safe. Not just that we buy a lot of heavy things and you fill like you are dehydrated. Once you go to the mercado you will not think we are very small even though we are. See you later for now.

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The first thing I have to say about this board game is that… it is my favorite of all other games along with a rubics cube. I have an antique chess board that is made of baseball players with the Yankees and the Mariners. Except the board is not a baseball field.. it is hard to explain, only if I had my DSI so I can take a picture. Anyway! I am always Yankees witch is white. My bro sometimes beats me. LOL. One time I took a mini chess board and pieces to school. I was so excited for recess. I set it up and I asked my friend Luke to play with me. He agreed and I actually beat him, which is weird because he has more experience then me!!! He was like ,”what the heck… how did you…” and then he told me his skill is supposedly 14. So I was like ,”WOW!!!!!!!!” Then I went against everyone in my class. I beat everyone except for Spencer because I made a mistake. I was okay with that though because I called a rematch and I won. I also like to challenge myself, so I played against my uncle and he won like a million times. LOL.

beachin and jelly fish

Beaches here are wild but shallow. We have a few surfers. One time when my mom went to Colorado to pack up more things and it was right around her birthday or something. We wrote in the sand that said a message but I forgot what it was. Not just that there was an awesome sunset at the end of the day. It was so cool how it went across the sand and the shells. When your at beach you may think it is all relaxing and cruising or maybe even fishing. But when your with me you will try and build the world’s biggest sand castle or jump some powerful waves that are 6’5 feet in the air and you have no relaxing time. You just waste all your energy. But we have snacks like some grape soda, oat meal cookies, and some popcorn. One time we saw shark teeth for sale. But they are 3 to 5 bucks… that’s crazy!!! Not just that, it takes about two hours to get to the beach because we live in the middle of the country and there are mountains and hills in our path way so if we take a jacked up bus, it will take about 3 to 4 hours because of other people and fuel. Also, the last time I went to the beach we saw a clearish blueish jellyfish about 9 inches. My mom, me, and my brother were there and my mom almost got stung because it was really close to her feet. She couldn’t take a picture because of the waves and it was too fast. That’s all because I don’t know anymore things when I went.

about me, food, and shout outs

Hello everyone…who is reading this. I am Efrain and 11 years old. I moved to ¬†El Salvador in August 2014. I use to go to Broadmoor Elementary in Colorado. The reason I am typing this blog is because it is part of my home schooling and my mom made me do this. I have to do this even though I don’t want to. Anyway… some food here is totally gross. Such as chicken feet soup and fresh goat cheese on spaghetti.Yuck!!! But my mom can make pizza and popcorn and people want to sell it to other people!!!! We are talking about opening our own business of mouth watering american goodies… if we had an oven. I also want to give shout outs to friends and family members if they are reading this. Chris, Max, McConnell, Luke B. Luke W., Hunter M., Josiah, Joshua, Keaton, Bradon, Tanner, Carson, Spencer, Caleb, Trisdon, Jo, Adyn, Lucas, Fletcher, Riley, Hudson, Jack, Wyatt, Haze, Grant, my Nana, Papa, Auntie Jenna, Uncle Ben, Uncle Nate, Piper, Jackson, Porter, Hannah, Tish, Cookie, Rainbow, and Lucy. I also miss playing soccer at school with my friends even though I am horrible at it, but I just do not give up. Well… that is it folks so see ya later.