New Star Wars movie

Me and my family are big Star Wars fans! We own so much Star Wars things, well the movie came out a long time ago and I have not even seen it yet! Please do not tell me about it because soon, I will see it, I think. We own all the movies and can watch them any time. Now, I am have a Howrse account, ( a game), and if you go on my page, I have all kinds of Star Wars stuff, I cannot wait until I see the movie! Who else has seen or like Star Wars. All the trailers look so awesome, I have seen all of them and from friends, I have learned names such as, Ray, Finn, Kylo Renn, and that is it so far, I think. I am not a very good writer, sometimes I am no in he mood, and that is probably his moment, sorry guys. Bai! Also Han Solo is my favorite character and some scenes, if you have you noticed, bu they are like Nazi rallies or something like that.








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