Pregnant cat, uh oh. lol

Well, I will admit it, my cat is pregnant. The one who’s name is Lacey, the daughter of my other cat Lucy. She is much smaller, but she is about to give birth any time now. She kinda naughty too. She is very lazy, so she is just relaxing around the house, chilling out, yeah, but she is pregnant. We can already feel the little kittens kicking. Please do not comment, if it is on, because we already have names for them, although they will be with us for too long because, sadly, my mom always gives them away. ;(. It will be okay because the other one is pregnant too, but she is not close to giving birth just yet. Now, for cat lovers, we all know what to do when they are giving birth,(this is so lame, I dont even know why I am doing this), so dont worry. Oh man, we are all so happy for when they come! (This is so short, OMG). Too bad we dont have a picture of her, I would show everyone who is reading this. Bai.


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