Animal Jam

Well first of all I love video games a lot. My username is Kittychimchim. This game is made by National Geographic. What you have to do in this game is buy clothes and buy things for your den. You can make buddies but you have to be careful who it is because my sis got hacked. You can also do adventures and while you are at it you will be getting courage in the adventures. You can also play games with people and you can trade your items, but people don’t always accept. For some reason this game is awesome because you can choose different animals you want. If you become a member you pretty much have everything you want. My bro and sis have accounts too, their usernames are hippoman321 and hihiguineapig. I usually mute the music and put music on YouTube. If you want your children to play this game, then you can tell them to buddy us. We will be nice to them. Also you need to be careful because some people take the game as if it were real life, they want girlfriends and boyfriends, so make sure your children buddies are safe. Thank you.  🙂


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