My first trip to a volcano :)

Okay this is my first time going to a volcano. It was actually pretty fun though but not much of a hike, we mostly drove all the way. When we started off on the hike it was not more of like a up hill it was more straight just with steps. We went to a well and it was only like one fifth of the water and leaves were in there but we took a picture of us by it but we made sure we did not get the inside of the well. Then we started off again and we finally got to the top after two minutes. We saw a HUGE crater and we took a lot of pictures of it so you guys can see it. Then we hiked back down and I was already at the bottom cause I ran and I found lava as a substance but not as a liquid. Then we headed home. 😉GetAttachment (20)GetAttachment (23)GetAttachment (21)      I guess I can not do pictures of the crater cause it will not let me.


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