Playa Costa del Sol y Tio Uli

Tio means uncle and he is visiting for three weeks. Okay, I know I am just writing about the beach but I think you guys are going to like this one. On Sunday, we left early in the morning started the car. We drove for an hour had a couple stops and we finally got to the beach. We found a good spot but I did not go in the water cause my stomach hurt. So I went to lay down in the hammock. I laid down for a long time till I felt like going in the water. Eventually I just got up and tried to walk cause I felt a little better after drinking some coke. I played with my brother and then it was lunch time. We ate sandwiches and Doritos. For dessert we ate minutas witch is like an Icee or ice with colored syrup. I will put a picture so you can see what they look like. Then we went back in water but before this happened some kid was mooching off of us, he was trying to make people feel comfortable so he can eat our food. He even held our hands I was like what the heck is this kid doing. But he left at the end of the day. Before we left we saw a really cool sunset, took some pictures and got in the car witch was an other long drive home.GetAttachment (19)GetAttachment (17)GetAttachment (16)



GetAttachment (12)


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