fun day at the beach

Well the day did not star out very fun because it was a two hour drive to El Majahual the beach we went to.Then we I walked into the water and went to a deep end to get some big waves. But one of them spat all of the air in my body out.:( Then we got out and just walked around and found baby jellyfish that washed up on shore, my mom thought it was melted candy. Then we went back in and got back out and ate and read. After an hour we went back out and stayed in for about two hours. Then we got back out and me and my brother saw an awesome sunset and we watched it go down. Then we headed for home. I was so tired that I did not eat but I drank some strong coffee but I was still to tired. Usually, when I drink coffee I have a sugar rush for two days!!! Then we all went to sleep. :):):):)GetAttachment (6)


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