Mercado or in “English” market

First, the market is very dirty and people yell and try to get you to buy their stuff. One time we were walking past a cloths section and this lady pulled my dad’s arm and told him to buy stuff but she would not let him go. I think she saw us because we are Americans and they think we are rich. Their voices are so nasal and loud. Another time was when my dad walked across the whole mercado when he did not want to. Just to warn you, when you are hungry be careful of what you order to eat or drink. Yesterday we went and there were some watches I liked and once the man who was selling them and looked at my family he hired the price to four dollars and fifty cents!!! T Another reason I do not like it there is because it is hot, it smells bad, and it is dangerous there because of drunks and gang bangers. But we are all together and we are all safe. Not just that we buy a lot of heavy things and you fill like you are dehydrated. Once you go to the mercado you will not think we are very small even though we are. See you later for now.

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