The first thing I have to say about this board game is that… it is my favorite of all other games along with a rubics cube. I have an antique chess board that is made of baseball players with the Yankees and the Mariners. Except the board is not a baseball field.. it is hard to explain, only if I had my DSI so I can take a picture. Anyway! I am always Yankees witch is white. My bro sometimes beats me. LOL. One time I took a mini chess board and pieces to school. I was so excited for recess. I set it up and I asked my friend Luke to play with me. He agreed and I actually beat him, which is weird because he has more experience then me!!! He was like ,”what the heck… how did you…” and then he told me his skill is supposedly 14. So I was like ,”WOW!!!!!!!!” Then I went against everyone in my class. I beat everyone except for Spencer because I made a mistake. I was okay with that though because I called a rematch and I won. I also like to challenge myself, so I played against my uncle and he won like a million times. LOL.


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