about me, food, and shout outs

Hello everyone…who is reading this. I am Efrain and 11 years old. I moved to  El Salvador in August 2014. I use to go to Broadmoor Elementary in Colorado. The reason I am typing this blog is because it is part of my home schooling and my mom made me do this. I have to do this even though I don’t want to. Anyway… some food here is totally gross. Such as chicken feet soup and fresh goat cheese on spaghetti.Yuck!!! But my mom can make pizza and popcorn and people want to sell it to other people!!!! We are talking about opening our own business of mouth watering american goodies… if we had an oven. I also want to give shout outs to friends and family members if they are reading this. Chris, Max, McConnell, Luke B. Luke W., Hunter M., Josiah, Joshua, Keaton, Bradon, Tanner, Carson, Spencer, Caleb, Trisdon, Jo, Adyn, Lucas, Fletcher, Riley, Hudson, Jack, Wyatt, Haze, Grant, my Nana, Papa, Auntie Jenna, Uncle Ben, Uncle Nate, Piper, Jackson, Porter, Hannah, Tish, Cookie, Rainbow, and Lucy. I also miss playing soccer at school with my friends even though I am horrible at it, but I just do not give up. Well… that is it folks so see ya later.


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