New Star Wars movie

Me and my family are big Star Wars fans! We own so much Star Wars things, well the movie came out a long time ago and I have not even seen it yet! Please do not tell me about it because soon, I will see it, I think. We own all the movies and can watch them any time. Now, I am have a Howrse account, ( a game), and if you go on my page, I have all kinds of Star Wars stuff, I cannot wait until I see the movie! Who else Continue reading


Pregnant cat, uh oh. lol

Well, I will admit it, my cat is pregnant. The one who’s name is Lacey, the daughter of my other cat Lucy. She is much smaller, but she is about to give birth any time now. She kinda naughty too. She is very lazy, so she is just relaxing around the house, chilling out, yeah, but she is pregnant. We can already feel the little kittens kicking. Please do not comment, if it is on, because we already have names for them, although they will be with us for too long because, sadly, my mom always gives them away. ;(. It will be okay because the other one is pregnant too, but she is not close to giving birth just yet. Now, for cat lovers, we all know what to do when they are giving birth,(this is so lame, I dont even know why I am doing this), so dont worry. Oh man, we are all so happy for when they come! (This is so short, OMG). Too bad we dont have a picture of her, I would show everyone who is reading this. Bai.


OK, i do admit it I do love dogs too, dogs are adorable. When I want some dogs, a Labrador, and a Golden Retriever,  there names will be Thomas and Pi. We used to own a dog, his name was Chato. He sadly died.:( I am so sad. My grandpa owned two dogs, one got hit by a car and the other died before i even got out of school. We cried a long time. He got a new dachshund and her name is Piper. I have seen her, i was their when he got her, one of my uncles has three dogs, My aunt has two dogs, but my other uncle does not have a dog.


I love cats. Cats are my second favorite animal. We used to own six. Now we are stuck with two cats. One mated and we are about to get some more because now it is peregrinate. One is sad because she had a husband out of our family but we moved somewhere else so she is refusing to mate. In a way that is good. I can not wait until they come.Our cats names are Lucy and Lacey. I named Lucy and my little sister name Lacey. Our others were Cookie, Rainbow, Vader, Porky, Taz, and Toes. We gave four of them away, one ran away, and the other we do not know. Lucy is the mother of Lacey. They are very playful and lazy at the same time. Well for now i guess that is all.

Christmas 2015

I was so happy for Christmas day! When it came for gifts, when I opened mine i was so happy. I got a police set from my bro, a car from my younger sis, a fun scavenger hunt from my older sis and I got from her a big car, and my mom and dad I got a bunch of stuff like hot chocolate, a new notebook,  homemade coupons, mountain dew and a root beer, pudding, chips, macaroni and cheese, and I think that is it. I gave my older sis a notebook, I gave my bro a gun, I gave my younger sis some scissors, my mom some cookies, and my dad some cookies and some coffee. Here where I live, people are loud and they set off fireworks at midnight! We stood up for ever.


Me and my bro are very creative, so we came up with an new game when we grow up. A computer game. This game is called Extermination. I think we can improve more to it. For now it is like The Long Dark, but at least I think it is a little better. This game could be single player or multiplayer. There are different teams i guess. You first start out in a enclosed space, it is a training center. A random person some how finds you and he trains you and you do not know why. Then he knocks you out and when you wake up you are in your bed and you think it was a dream. Then you look outside and your crops are ruined. Then you know that “the dream”  is fake.









To be continued…

Animal Jam

Well first of all I love video games a lot. My username is Kittychimchim. This game is made by National Geographic. What you have to do in this game is buy clothes and buy things for your den. You can make buddies but you have to be careful who it is because my sis got hacked. You can also do adventures and while you are at it you will be getting courage in the adventures. You can also play games with people and you can trade your items, but people don’t always accept. For some reason this game is awesome because you can choose different animals you want. If you become a member you pretty much have everything you want. My bro and sis have accounts too, their usernames are hippoman321 and hihiguineapig. I usually mute the music and put music on YouTube. If you want your children to play this game, then you can tell them to buddy us. We will be nice to them. Also you need to be careful because some people take the game as if it were real life, they want girlfriends and boyfriends, so make sure your children buddies are safe. Thank you.  🙂